Speech of Hon'ble Mr. Justice Vijender Jain, Chief Justice, Punjab & Haryana High Court, Chandigarh at the centenary celebrations of the Bar Association, Yamuna Nagar at Jagadhari held at Judicial Complex, Yamuna Nagar on March, 4, 2008.


                Hon'ble Chief Minister Sh. Bhupinder Singh Hooda,  Justice Saron, the Administrative Judge, Yamuna Nagar Sessions Division, my esteemed colleagues,  Hon'ble Judges of the Punjab & Haryana High Court, Sh. Pardeep Rathaur, President of the Bar Association, District & Sessions Judge,  judicial officers, administrative officers, police officers, member of the Bar, ladies and gentlemen.

                It is indeed a great honour and privilege for me to be here with you to celebrate the centenary year of the establishment of the Bar Association at Jagadhari-Yamuna Nagar. There are few bar associations in the country which can boast to be as old as is yours and I am really impressed with it. I have spent almost four decades in the legal profession but the kind of reverence and respect which you have shown to the founder of the bar, the great luminary, Pt. Jyoti Prasad Ji whose photograph has been placed here to adorn the dias as well as to his son, a practising lawyer here and who is 96 years of age, is unprecedented. It goes to show quality of the head and the heart of the members of the legal fraternity of Yamuna Nagar and Jagadhari. It shows the essence of good insight and sagacity of all of you who have assembled here that how much respect you all give to the elders. An institution, a society or a nation cannot flourish and attain high achievements if they forget their forefathers who struggled to establish them. Just remember that merely four or five persons joined hands in a small court and formed a bar association and today you are a very large and well-knit body, you have a magnificent building of the district courts complex. 

                I must also convey my deep sense of gratitude to the Haryana Govt., the Chief Minister of Haryana for providing timely assistance for building up the basic infrastructure in the court complex not only at the district level judiciary but even at the sub-divisional headquarters because it is our firm belief that in this country the lawyers have always been in the forefront of all the struggles, whether political or social, and it is in this regard that the social cause of female foeticide, drug de-addiction or to check the menace of fast spreading disease called AIDS lead has to be provided by the legal community. Until and unless the mindset of the society changes, it is difficult to bring about a social change and I was really happy to hear from the District & Sessions Judge  that every institution here at Yamuna Nagar has alteast one skit or programme dedicated to the social cause of female foeticide.  The other day I was at Karnal where one of my brother Judges said while addressing the audience that he will ask the Chief Minister to provide a cash prize of rupees one crore to any person who provided the answer to his query. The question he posed to the  audience was that he would get the cash prize of rupees one crore who would tell that he was not born from a mother. He had very clearly conveyed his message to the audience. We have to change the mindset of the people. Our mind is still a slave to the feudal past which hesitated to give its due place to the women in the society. Another brother Judge said on another occasion that if a son is relevant and important because he is the inheritor of the legacy then please tell the name of your great grandfather. There will be hardly anyone who could tell the name of the great grandfather of his own grandfather.  These are the issues which the lawyers are required to take up and once your community takes up these issues, I am absolutely certain that the movement of the people which we have started will turn into a revolution. It receives great support from such like programmes. You all are indeed unique but why do I call you unique?  I have been attending functions of the bar associations; golden jubilee celebrations; diamond jubilee celebrations and even centenary celebrations but the function which you have organised today is the function which gives a great message to the people. I do not desire to say many things on this occasion because you have been sitting here for a long time and I was told by your President that you have also arranged a dinner after the cultural programme. After watching such truly great cultural programme, the factum of calling us to deliver speeches is something like telling a person to eat the pudding first and then have the main course of the meal. I certainly do not propose to do such a thing. I am moved by the solidarity shown by you. I am really very happy with the knowledge, the discipline and the way you have conducted yourselves in this function. Thank you very much.