Latest Important Judgements List

Sno. Case No Description Judgment
CWP No 26 of 2018No Confidence Motion - against President of Municipal Committe - Secret ballot voting required - Motion carried if passed by voting by show of hands
RSA 2879 of 2009Jurisdiction of Civil Court - under Section 50 of HUDA Act - Not barred against the orders of appellate authorities of HUDA
CWP No 24614 of 2016Promotion to IAS -- Judicial Review -- of selection proceedings not excluded. Categorization of officer by Selection Committee has to be objective -- to be supported by relevant material on record.
FAO-152 of 2017Accident claim -vehicle registered and insured in India - Accident in Nepal-Insurance Company liable to pay compensation - No extra premium can be charged for third party insurance even for extra territorial coverage.
COCP-1484-2016 "Name of Sunam Town changed to Sunam Udham Singh Wala. Railway Station henceforth would be known as "Sunam Udham Singh Wala Railway Station" in view of supreme sacrifice of Shaheed Udham Singh - directs High Court."
CRM-M 31881 of 2015 "Fastway Case - Petitioner levels allegations in affidavit of harassment by police at the behest of private respondents. Reply of the State sought by the H.C. "
CRM M-5108 of 2016 "Baggu Khan's case. Alleges false implication by police in a case under NDPS Act as the SHO was bribed. Investigation handed-over to CBI with liberty to take action against guilty officials, if any. "
CRM-26067-2015 "Dr. Deepak A.N., Senior Resident, Department of Neuro Surgery, P.G.I., Chandigarh and Dr. Karamjit Singh, Medico Legal Expert, Rajindra Hospital. Patiala Summoned by the Punjab and Haryana High Court for Clarification in which accused are seeking bail in a case of attempt to murder."